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Camera & Light Source System

Combined camera and light source system with two different camera technologies

Functions of the new camera control system

White Balance+ including automatic scaling optimization

One-screen-display (OSD) with settings of all parameters

Stepwise zoom function

Flip (right / left) and mirror (up / down) function

Adjustment functions of sharpness, contrast, saturation, color, window and boost

Image capture function

The new camera head systems

  • High resolutions with latest CMOS sensor technology

  • Two camera heads available operated by the same control unit:

  • Combo camera head with single-cable technology, compatible with all joimax® combo endoscopes

  • Ocular camera head with split camera and light cable for other endoscopes

  • Improved usability by three camera head buttons offering individual programmable remote
    functions like zoom, flip, snapshot and others

CAM LED_工作區域 1.png
C-Camsource HD Twister: Features
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