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Case Study - severed AVN treatment recovery

Latest Breakthrough Treatment Outcome -- The Pioneer of Global Male Patient who suffered from severe femoral neck avascular necrosis for years, most of the surgical suggestions he found which still caused the risk in the decades. Therefore, he has started the course of EFSW treatment by Chattanooga. Before the third treatment, the MRI shows significant improvement at his initial injure. Not only the blood circulation but also appear on the daily activities. Lohas hospital keeps on such breakthrough treatment with multiple cases related to AVN. The Focus Shockwave treatment wasn`t the new technology but the trend which applied in the orthopedics field. We have been the head of the globe and have been dedicated to applying to AVN treatment since 2020. Moreover, completed dozens of cases successfully. As Priest George Herbert said, " Skill and confidence are an unconquered army." that we practice in and fulfill the most advanced protocol to help people who suffered in pain.

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