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Spine Endoscopy & Integrated Image Tracking Communication System (Intracs) Symposium] @TaichungThe "Spine Endoscopy & Integrated Image Tracking Communication System (Intracs) Symposium " held in Taipei and Taichung for two consecutive days were successfully completed.

The scene was packed and the response was quite enthusiastic. Doctors and experts,

who come from the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, Vietnam and Taiwan, focused on improving minimally invasive and precise technique,discussing with each other and sharing cases.

Spine endoscopic surgery combined with Integrated Image Tracking Communication System (Intracs) not only convinces doctors and experts , but also has better and more advantageous surgical procedures for patients.

Those who are interested in endoscopic surgery should grasp

this latest as soon as possible.

The technique will allow you to effectively shorten the learning curve and do more with less.


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